In February the Utah Cultural Celebration Center is hosting screenings of several UPF films, introducing the NEH’s Muslim Journeys Bookshelf to Utah.  On February 10 starting at 7:00 I’ll be introducing Islamic Art:  Mirror of the Invisible World.  Each work of art in the film is the personal testimony of the artist and craftsman who made it, and the works are tremendous.  Dealing with aspects of traditional Islamic art such as The Word and the use of Space, Ornament, Color, and Water in creating an environment inviting to the Spirit, the film also recalls to mind Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr‘s excellent work, Islamic Art and Spirituality.

UCCC Muslim Journeys Exhibit Panorama

Several sculptures from 99 Names Project will also be on display.  Come by, watch the movie, and let’s have a great visit!

Thank you for supporting the 99 Names Project