Alpha Omega Arts News just published this week a wonderful review of The 99 Names Project and the book documenting the first 25 sculptures in the series.

“Engaging, profound and authentic, the book:  “99 Names: 1 to 25” is a richly documented artistic journey of a Christian’s exploration of the names of God from the Holy Qur’an.  …Kosorok has produced a new expression of the inner beliefs and spiritual sensibilities at the heart of Islam that has few parallels in contemporary art.  What emerges from his stained glass works is Islamic art shaped from the hands of a Christian.”

From INSPIRE ME! Artist-of-Month Andrew Kosorok Returns With “99 Names of God Project”, Alpha Omega Arts News

Be sure and read the rest of this great review, written by Ernest Disney-Britton, Editor of Alpha Omega Arts News and Director of Grant Services at Arts Council of Indianapolis.  And check out my new favorite artist, Anila Qayyum Agha, particularly her profoundly beautiful Intersections, at Alpha Omega Arts News here.

Thank you for such a wonderful review!

Thank you for supporting the 99 Names Project