This Name has been represented in English by “The Ruler”, “The King”, and “The Absolute Ruler”.  I believe the idea behind this Name is a reminder that, regardless of how powerful an earthly ruler may be, the Creator is always greater.  I’m reminded of the sonnet “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley – the accomplishments of an all-powerful ruler is reduced to dust and something less than a ghost.  However great a king, conqueror, or emperor is, the one thing they cannot avoid is the reality that time passes, something which will never affect an Eternal Being.

The title means “Self-Ruling One,” which I though fit better than the other approximations because they all depend on our temporal perspective.  The Divine Throne is represented by a suspended amber orb, actually a polished citrine sphere.  Thrones usually are structures of incredible workmanship encrusted with gold and jewels, designed to over-awe whomever approaches – what could be greater, I thought, than using our sun to represent God’s throne?  Something so amazing we can’t even look at it directly?  Tying the citrine in the center of the piece symbolizes the sun, and the panels covered with stylized images of clouds represent the sky.

Also, I was considering how we approach the Ultimate Ruler – is it through leagues of self-important bureaucrats and secretaries, as seems to be the case with so many leaders in our history?  No.  God is the greatest and most powerful Ruler of all, yet there is no endless system of bureaucracy to wade through in our approach – we visit with the most powerful Being in the universe whenever we offer a heartfelt prayer.  The veils between ourselves and the Eternal are ones we weave ourselves through lack of understanding, pride, or an unwillingness to do the right thing.  The veils in the sculpture are flimsy and transparent, just like the ones we erect (regardless of how substantial we think they are), and all are anchored only to the ground.  Just as the barriers we perceive between ourselves and the Eternal Presence are never made by Him – all who approach the Divine with a pure heart and real intent, are welcomed warmly into His presence.  The Greatest King in the universe is always eager for an honest word from any of His subjects.

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