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When I’m at work I get to build stained glass windows, and there’s a couple reasons I enjoy it so much.  One is a metaphor introduced to me by a minister in Alabama years ago.  “People are like stained glass windows,” he said, “they only really show their true beauty when the light shines through.”  That’s a pretty good metaphor.

These are pictures of what I get to do when the customer wants me to design something cool, and they let me do what I really like to do.  The medieval style windows are crests from the owners’ family, and are in their home made from “recycled” materials – they find derelict buildings in Europe, have the materials cleaned and shipped to the States, then incorporate them into their home.  A wonderful way to recycle and keep history alive.

The set of five windows is based on the five elements and seasons of Feng Shui, and each also has the alchemical symbol for the season represented (that was fun trying to explain to the owner!).  These go into a home where the owner flew all the way to Italy just so she could find the right sconce in a hallway in her home – very cool.