In out contemporary world, everything it seems is fueled by stress, desire, and the drives of life worn down to their most mechanical motivations.

We are built to either grow, heal, and repair ourselves, or quickly resolve a threatening situation using a rush of adrenaline.  Everyday is so filled with “fight or flight” stress, we no longer allow our bodies the energy to heal, and we’re so worn down we can only continue with energy drinks and coffee – giving little hope in the future for growing, healing, and repair.

The modern world is run on a competitive economy, leaving little room for those things which make life meaningful – family, friends, moments of creation, and gratitude.

Another aspect of the Celestial Garden is the suggestion we can grow something of our own, tend it carefully, and allow it to fulfill the measure of its creation.  It is ridiculously easy to buy an energy drink from the corner convenience store or vending machine and slurp it down, but there is a profound sense of satisfaction which comes from taking an active role in producing at least a small portion of what you use in your own life.  Making your own wallet, writing your own code, even balancing your own accounts – but it is truly amazing to actually grow a measure of your own food.

By growing something we eat ourselves – even if it’s only herbs on a windowsill – we have the simple yet profound blessing of actively participating in the cycle of life.  This allows, if we let it, for a deeper and much more profound appreciation for all those teeming millions with whom we share the planet, and without whom much of the life we enjoy wouldn’t even exist.  By understanding a measure of the work and attention which goes into food production, we begin to recognize with wonder our grateful dependence on those around us – those who transport what we use, those who prepare it, those who grow it, and ultimately the Creator Who started the whole ball rolling.

Another aspect of the Celestial Garden, and a practice which helps us to be filled with gratitude for the beauty of life around us.