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Imagery of the Celestial Garden reminds us that each of us, and everything in the universe, are vitally and intricately connected.

All of us are part of something bigger.

We will never see the whole picture – the edges are too far from our view, we can’t even see the middle, and try as hard as we can we are unable to see most of our own little patch.

But each of us is an important part of that bigger thing which stretches so far beyond our imagining.  And we are – each one of us – a vital part.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be here at all.

The unfolding, interlacing, intricate designs of Celestial Garden patterns go on forever, and remind us not just of the infinite complexity and continuation of the Creator’s pattern, but of our own inextricable part within it.

We may at times feel lost within the creation, but we are never lost to the Creator.

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