Dr. Helen Rose Ebaugh, PhD, author of The Gulen Movement, has pointed out that there are many, many social organizations around the globe sponsored by religious groups, and they are all service groups.  Love Is A Verb is a documentary about something which Dr. Ebaugh points out is unique – a religiously-sponsored service organization, the Hizmet or Gulen Movement, which is both Turkish and Muslim (I should mention that the Hizmet Movement is often referred to as the Gulen Movement – Imam Fethullah Gulen has inspired countless Turks around the world with his assertion that the best and clearest way to serve our Creator is to serve each other).  “These service groups,” she points out in the film, “are something to celebrate.”

Author Arzu Kaya Uranli, for Huffington Post, writes about the documentary here.

My own experience with Hizmet has been a bit disconcerting.  The members I have met and worked with are unfailingly cheerful, polite, and kind.  It is always a bit unsettling (in a pleasant way) to be with people whose only reason for doing things is to be nice.

If only more of us were like that!