Thursday last week I was invited to go to the KSL Radio studios for an interview about the upcoming visit to Dixie State University, with Nkoyo Iyamba and Whitney Evans of Deseret News.  I got there very early, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they had also invited my friend Imam Mehtar of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake.  He is unfailingly gracious and nice about everything, and it is always fun to visit with him.

Nkoyo Iyamba does a weekly series on faith and culture in Utah, and both she and Whitney asked us questions about my 99 Names Project and Islamic New Year (I fielded the questions about the Project and Imam Mehtar handled those about the Islamic New Year).  It was a great interview.  I’m trying to get excerpts of the interview, but until then here is the site for Nkoyo’s program, and here is the link for the interview (it actually starts at about 3:20 in from the beginning).