My friends Greene and Anca invited me to help curate, advise on, and research their new museum showcasing objects from the revolving collection of Cat’s Cradle Antiques in Provo, Utah.

The museum is located in the upper floor of an historical building in downtown Provo with quite a bit of atmosphere.  What is particularly exciting to me is that the theme of the museum displays will change as the year progresses – for examples, we are currently assembling exhibits revolving around alchemy and the alchemist’s quest, and will later be exploring secret societies and their impact on American history.

The alchemy exhibit is particularly exciting to me, because I get to use my treasured alchemy certification training in preparing tinctures and other oddments as part of the presentation.

The current exhibit, running through All Saints’ Day, is assembled from objects with dubious and unsettling histories which produce a very disturbing atmosphere when displayed all together.

Check out the Facebook page, and here is a great article on the current exhibit.

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