November 17 to 20 this year will see Utah hosting the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality, a global gathering dedicated to spreading peace throughout the world.  This is a remarkable undertaking, and luckily my friend Jaclyn Zoccoli is one of the head-honcho bigwigs (however, I don’t think that’s her official title).  This remarkable woman has dedicated her life to building a better world, and she is the Global Co-Director of Peace Ambassadors at World Parliament on Spirituality.

She’s as busy as a flock of hummingbirds on caffeine, but Jacque took a few minutes to answer some questions I had about this year’s big Parliament —

Me: Director, what is your background and training?

JZ: After the Peace Corps in Liberia in the 60s, my career went through corporate life, then my own businesses. I created a Desktop Publishing Business – taught softwares in 5 community colleges, then created 20 networking groups in California, and a franchise. This now networking business, Network Builders Arizona, has been my focus since 1990. I have connected people all over the world to collaborate to the betterment of society.

Me: What is your special calling, that thing which drives you to get up every day and do what you do now?

JZ: My calling can be described in one large sentence – it is the Excitement of Awareness – where I am the Catalyst for Spontaneous Combustion. Through awareness I delight in being part of igniting new collaboration to the empowerment of all. I teach/coach business people how to navigate events to make them profitable by building relationships/alliances, and thus the same for entities all over the globe.

Me: What draws you to your work with this year’s World Parliament on Spirituality?

JZ: The focus this year is on “going to solution” instead of just exposing the challenges. That is exactly how I have patterned my life – not dwelling on blame, instead what to do to solve the issue. When it was coupled with my passion “to increase love, prosperity and peace worldwide”, it was a natural slam dunk! It took God 71 years to grow this one. . . me. There was no way that I could not finally live my passion.

Me: Why do you believe the Parliament is so important?  Why do we need it?

JZ: The obvious answer we all know. . . struggles, inequalities, misuse of power, lack of collaboration, I could go on forever to explain. My audience knows these. Now, for the first time in the history of our world we are creating a Master Action Plan, a Global Peace Initiative, for EACH country to create and take back from our November conference, and enact. These seeds from each Peace Ambassador within each country, will begin a grassroots growth to increase love, prosperity and peace, eventually throughout the world. Their actions will be tracked and in September of 2017, World Peace Day, they will each have their own conference to celebrate the successes.

Me: Why is it necessary to have Peace Ambassadors?

JZ: In the evolution of our world, much has transpired, from all walks of life. The strong, the loud, the leaders, all have shaped our existing societies. Much has happened that we call evolution, and perfect of itself in our growth. However, now we are at a spot spiritually, and evolutionarily that the change must come from the individual, the most common denominator. AND it is possible to begin that now. Peace Ambassadors will be the spark, both in their countries and with their liaisons in the US (our Global Peace Initiative team too). They will have taken the Master Action Plan and massaged it to be their own cultural expression. They will then approach their sphere of influences, and take collaboration to the fullest degree. When we find peace within, we will find it in others.

Me: This sounds very cool, and truly worthwhile.   How do we learn more about participating in the Parliament, and becoming Peace Ambassadors?

JZ: I am the Global Co Director of Peace Ambassadors. Do let me know if this calling is yours as well. Peace Ambassadors are both in the US and in a country (called National Peace Ambassadors), for all 196 countries. Our focus is on the US Peace Ambassador now so they can attend the Nov. 17 – 20th event in Salt Lake City. In both cases they must have lived in that country at least 10 years and speak the language. They fill out a questionnaire to quality them. If they are unable to attend, that’s ok. The hard work starts after the conference. They will have amazing support from our team every step of the way. The conference is live streamed.

Learn more about this year’s World Parliament on Spirituality here, and learn more about the WPS Global Peace Initiative here.

For the Spiritual Community there is a special price of only $35 for the entire four-day event; or only $15/day. Simply register for the $97 event and near the end you will enter this code: WPS35 to receive your discounted ticket.

The website is www.WorldParliamentOnSpirituality.org

And a special invitation from founder Dr. Paula Fellingham —