A continuation of the process described in “Pulling plant matter from the menstruum”, as part of the As Above, So Below exhibit in the Museum of Haunted and Mysterious Objects.

After the plant matter is separated from the menstruum, it has to be “calcined”.  Alchemists would have ovens they called “Athenors”, which would be used to burn the living snot out of the plant matter strained from the menstruum.  Of course, “living snot” is not a truly historically accurate representation of traditional alchemical vocabulary, but you get the point.

I fired the material first at over 600 degrees for a number of hours, then cooked them inside at 550 degrees for the entire night.  As you can see, the volume decreased by over 95 percent, until finally there was nothing left to burn off – the organic matter had all been calcined.

Then I had to grind the calcined ashes into a finer powder, re-introduce them to the menstruum, and let them soak for a final week.

Alchemists were aware of multiple layers of reality and referred to them as “Sulfur”, “Salt”, and “Mercury”.  Instead of a human just being a mechanical construct, we are complicated multi-dimensional creatures.  So a medicine or treatment was designed to treat the “lower” spirit self or Sulfur Body (the part of our being rooted in instinct and basic drives), the physical self or Salt Body (the physical being modern medicine limits itself to treating), and the “higher” spirit self or Mercury Body (the part of our being which feels so drawn to enlightening spiritual influences).

In preparing an alchemical “medicine”, the material used is “bruised” in a mortar with a pestle, both of which are washed with spring water in preparation.  Then the soaking in a menstruum draws out what we would refer to today as the physical, chemical properties.  After soaking (some medicines required months to years in this stage), the plant matter is separated and rendered into finely calcined ash and reintroduced to the menstruum and “soaked” some more.  The ashes then are filtered out and the final medicine is ready to use.

However, because of the awareness of these three worlds or bodies, ingestion of the medicine was relatively unimportant (and sometimes heartily discouraged).  An alchemical medicine is intended to be used to heal the whole creature – by including in an oil diffuser or with burning incense.  So much (two thirds) of our existence is beyond the physical plane, and it is interesting to note that modern medicine is recording greater success for treatments when chemical therapies are coupled with non-material modalities.

The best ways to use these Warding Elixirs DOES NOT INCLUDE INGESTION.  These are designed to protect a home and its dwellers from evil influence and negative spirits.

Touch a finger to the opening of a bottle of elixir, and either just touch the windowsills and door thresholds throughout the home, or draw a tiny “X” or cross on each windowsill and threshold.  This should be repeated every few days or as needed.  A drop from each elixir can also be dropped into an oil diffuser or burning incense.  Either use the elixirs which resonate with you and your needs or use each elixir in a set of seven, one for each day of the week.  Use or apply the elixir on the day of the week for which it’s designed, or apply it specifically on the day of the week for which it was made, and then again three days later.