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Waking the spiritual eye

SPIRITUAL cultivation is defined by the degree to which one is able to activate their inner, or ‘all-seeing’ intuitive Shiva Eye. Our ability to reawaken our now dormant spiritual ‘third eye’ ancient Eastern Adepts all teach, is the key measure of our spiritual development. But this development would be impossible without the assistance of the god […]

via Waking the Spiritual Eye, the Shiva Dance — Theosophy Watch


On Saturday, my daughter and I joined in the fierce and ecstatic experience of the Women’s March on Washington. Although my mother died four months ago, I felt we carried her with us–that we were marching for all three generations of women from our interfaith family. I have always been an activist. I testify at […]

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While stories of Islamic State terrorists destroying lives and cities dominates the headlines, there are a number of Muslims offering hope to their persecuted Christian neighbors. One of those peaceful Muslims is Marwan, a man from Mosul who decided to build a cross for his Christian neighbors after ISIS pummeled their church to dust. Jeremy […]

via Muslim Man Sends Powerful Message to Persecuted Christians — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

This opinion piece is by Hussein Rashid, PhD, founder of islamicate, a consultancy focusing on religious literacy. President Trump is expected to appear Saturday at an interfaith service at Washington National Cathedral where Mohamed Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society will offer the Muslim call to prayer. Several outlets reported a controversy over Magid’s participation […]

via Why it’s absurd that a Muslim leader’s presence at the Washington National Cathedral is controversial — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

On Universal Intellect

In Nasir-i Khusraw’s system, the physical world is a product resulting directly from Soul’s desire to correct its ontological imperfection – the fact that it is separated from God by Intellect- his philosophical treatment of the role of mankind and matter is more positive than would be expected in a more traditional Neoplatonic or gnostic treatise. For […]

via Nasir-i Khusraw’s Doctrine of the Soul: From the Universal Intellect to the Physical World in Ismaili Philosophy | Dr. Alice C. Hunsberger — Ismailimail

With waves of displaced peoples leaving their homelands and many Western countries closing their borders, who is there to help bridge the divide? Khalil Shariff believes Canada has an important and unique role to play in this new world; that we must harness the aspirations of young people to become thoughtful, engaged global citizens, and […]

via Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s CEO Khalil Shariff to present ‘What the World Needs Now: Pluralism’ at Cannexus17 Conference — Ismailimail

In many countries across sub-Saharan Africa, Muslim and Christian communities coexist side by side. But a huge gap exists between them when it comes to educational attainment, with African Christians more than twice as likely to have formal schooling than their Muslim counterparts, a Pew Research Center study shows. The study, which looked at the […]

via The biggest divide between African Muslims and Christians isn’t their religion — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

In 1993 my husband George Dardess began visiting our local Islamic Center: first to learn Arabic so that he could read the Qur’an, then cementing friendships with his teacher there and with the imam. So when the events of September 11, 2001 hit, George was in a position to join with members of the Center […]

via Meeting Islam in Interfaith Friendships — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

Source: CAP | Community Action Partnership of Scott, Carver, Dakota Counties – CAP Ambassadors Related Previously on Ismailimail…

via Join the Diaper Drive By Sanya Pirani, CAP Ambassador — Ismailimail

Toronto, January 11, 2017 — Paying homage to the contemporary and classical arts of Syria and Iran, the Aga Khan Museum’s Winter 2017 Performing Arts season will showcase some of the best talent from these culturally diverse countries. Continuing the Museum’s spotlight on Syria with the critically-acclaimed exhibition Syria: A Living History and a partnership […]

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