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Book review by Andrew Kosorok, Author of such books as 99 Names: 1 to 25 and The Windows of Dzyan For fourteen hundred years, best practice in geometric design has been defined through traditional Islamic geometric art. Eric Broug, an artist and internationally recognized expert on Islamic art, has been writing and teaching about this […]

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By Andrew Kosorok The Minaret of Freedom Institute was founded in 1993 as an educational touchstone and resource, dedicated to expanding the minds of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. From the website: To build upon the words of Thomas Jefferson, in fulfilling these goals we pledge to wage unending holy struggle against every form of […]

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Does the news make you feel like everything is hopeless? That’s when you need to consciously seek out the good. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty crushed by all of the bad news these days. Frightened children separated from parents at the U.S. border; politicians involved in money laundering and sex scandals; gun […]

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By Andrew Kosorok for Ismailimail Sharing the joy of Ramadan through the light of love Imagine a wall of water 100 feet high, so powerful and destructive it changed the topography of entire countries. In moments on that terrifying day in 2004 the tsunami washed buildings, cars, trees, roads, and hills into the ocean, and […]

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“Edutainment” for Muslim Kids – Maruf Yusupov’s Ali Huda By Andrew Kosorok We live in a remarkable age. On one hand a single movie can gross more than the economy of an entire country, and on the other hand our cellphones can hold more books than the largest libraries ever saw just a few hundred […]

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We are immensely thankful to Andrew Kosorok for this exclusive interview with popular author and scholar Dr. Omid Safi. Those who have read Dr Safi’s edited book: ‘Progressive Muslims: On Justice, Gender, and Pluralism’ with chapters by Tazim Kassam, Farid Escak, Scott Kugle and many others, can tell the value of his contributions. His biography […]

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My family hails from Iran, and I was born in Florida. I spent a significant part of my childhood in Iran, and have been blessed to spend some of the last few decades in US, Canada, UK, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and other countries. I came to Duke to study medicine, and got into medical school, […]

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Teaching truth through art By Andrew Kosorok Anyone can be spiritual all by themselves. But we are community creatures – we work best with others around us. Science repeatedly shows that we live longer, we’re healthier, and our neighborhoods are safer when we belong to loving families and communities. This is a huge part […]

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Patiently educating – Ahmed Lotfy Rashed shares What Would a Muslim Say? By Andrew Kosorok Call them to the path of your Lord with wisdom and words of good advice; and reason with them in the best way. –Qur’an 16:125 What is the best way to respond when everyone hates you? In my experience, most […]

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Two faiths, one common base – an anti-debate in Utah In February of this year, Emerald Hills Institute hosted a Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable event at the City Library in Salt Lake City, Utah – “Two Faiths, One Common Base: LDS + Islam”. Utah State hosts the worldwide headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ […]

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