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By ANDREW KOSOROK In Western media there is a consistently badgering narrative reminding us that Islam is a vast monolith of secret, closely knit terrorist cells, just aching for the go-ahead to make their dastardly move. Except for the serious subject matter, this absurdity is almost comically profound — but when mere moments are given […]

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IARS 2017 Juried Exhibition

Watchful Ar Raqib

In 1957, when the Aga Khan was elevated to his role, he became a powerful and influential figure in a scary post-colonial world. Known to the media as the “Atomic Aga Khan” this young student and Olympic athlete became a beacon of strength and thoughtfulness as millions of people moved towards an uncertain future. So how did Prince Karim Aga Khan cope? Thrust suddenly into a world of international responsibility and intrigue, arguably much different than anything with which his grandfather had to cope? Read this analytical piece by Andrew Kosorok

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A walk for unity

In a Washington synagogue, Susan Katz Miller sat beside an atheist, a Muslim and a Christian on Sunday. No joke. After listening to a Zoroastrian prayer, Miller – a Jew from an interfaith family – and two friends (an atheist and a Muslim), walked down leafy and elegant Embassy Row in Washington. They paid their […]

via Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus Walk for Unity — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

Hope for restored peace

Along the western banks of the Jordan River, the place of Christ’s baptism and today known as Qasr al-Yahud, numerous churches and monasteries of different religions sit vacant and silenced due to the dangerous landmines that lie beneath them. For almost 50 years, Qasr al-Yahud has been empty due to the landmines installed during the […]

via Holy Land Festival unites Muslims, Christians in hope for restored peace — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

Healing our modern age

When the Aga Khan addresses the idea of building a healthy family relationship, he has clarified its expression to a simple aphorism -– “Only the faith of your fathers will enable you to live in peace.”

via On faith: The Aga Khan shares the secret to healing our modern age — Barakah

Infinitely Elastic

BREAKING up is hard to do especially when it comes to ingrained scientific worldviews. Even after they have betrayed us, dogmatic style beliefs still cling like burrs to our psyche, and our brains, despite all logic. Recall the insistent flat earth and geocentric crowd, and creationist belief that the Earth is only ten thousand years […]

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MARRAKECH, Morocco — To an outsider, nothing seemed normal about this night, as Muslims were welcomed by the Jewish community to celebrate Ramadan at their synagogue, the members of the two faiths meeting in stark contrast when set against the religious conflicts that plague the region. But to the Jews and Muslims of Marrakech, this […]

via For Jews and Muslims of Morocco, a Supportive Relationship Built on a Complex History — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

This short video clip highlights the important work of the Near East School of Theology in promoting good relations between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon. This is a Protestant seminary which has played a prominent, yet often quiet role in helping defuse tensions between religious communities in a sometimes contentious political atmosphere. Here is a […]

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Art of the Book

Tonight is the start of Ramadan, and as our Muslim friends start celebrating, here’s a glimpse into the collection of The post Art of the Book : Quran & Calligraphy appeared first on The Heritage Lab.

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