As the 99 Names Project continues, more people are realizing that the peaceful, constructive dialog the Project encourages is a good thing, and have expressed a desire to help.  I welcome input, suggestions, and of course offers to further the efforts of the Project.  Some ideas of areas that are worth more exploration are:

  • Venue suggestions for the exhibits, real and virtual
  • Other like-minded artists who would like to share venue space (non-Muslim artists constructively exploring Muslim subjects, and Muslim artists constructively exploring non-Muslim subjects—regardless of media)
  • Presentations for youth, community, or church groups
  • Viral sharing of the Project
  • Contact from writers who would like to create articles—for blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, etc.—about the 99 Names Project
  • Contemporary Muslim calligraphers wanting to participate in the Holy Names calligraphy electronic slideshows
  • Resources—websites, books, etc.—for research into the Names, Islamic art, and Sacred Geometry
  • Muslims who would like to share their insights and reflections on what the Names mean personally to them
  • Muslim scholars and artists who would like to critique the work, and offer insight as to appropriateness
  • Non-Muslims who want to share how constructive dialog helps strengthen communities and overcomes fear due to ignorance, particularly in relation to subjects like the 99 Names Project
  • Recommendations for granting sources to help pay materials costs, as well as display and shipping expenses
  • Any other suggestions you think might help further the Project

 Please give your input as a comment to this entry.

Prayers and good wishes are wonderful, and very much appreciated; Christian and Muslim clergy have given blessings to the effort of the Project, and my gratitude is tremendous.

Thank you.